Why do we offer products?

We feel that there is nothing more meaningful than a traditional album.  It not only tells the story of your day, but it a keepsake that will live a lot longer than the latest technology craze.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we LOVE technology.  We even offer our clients an online album to share, e-mail, and take their photos where ever life takes them.  We love for our clients to share photographs with relatives all over the world, who wouldn’t be able to view a tangible album in person.

Imagine you are having a get-together at your house.  Everyone is huddled around a computer trying to view each photograph.  Your grandmother is getting frustrated because she can’t figure out how to click on the next photo…catch my drift?  Passing around a beautiful, shiny, leather album is almost magical.  It is something everyone can connect to and enjoy.  Call us old school, we’re okay with that…


Here are a couple of photographs of some products we’ve made for our fantastic clients.  We will also bring these along when we set up a client meeting, so you can see them up-close and personal.